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they don’t want to see him in a wheel chair

all we know that upcoming nagarjuna’s movie is oopiri which a multi starer movie with tamil star karthi,and they are going to release the movie both in telugu and tamil on this march 25th .

                                        on this movie nagarjuna speaking that movie oopiri is remake of French film intouchables. it is very difficult film in my career it is something very close to my heart,beacause the movie is full of emotional,and by seeing trailer and teaser he is always attached to the wheel nagarjuna sons and even amala are not ready to see nagarjuna in a wheel chair,and amala is feeling very fear to see the movie,nagarjuna saying that his all family members are soo unhappy for this to see me as a wheel chair handicaped person,but he convinced the family members by saying it was just a character in a film.

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